Creating on canvas is my process of bringing an input to an output.


The input comes from multiple sources of inspiration which I convey,
in acrylics on canvases, until I feel the inspiration has become an output
that I’m willing to share with others.


This manner of interpreting my artistry and emotions sheds the weight
of my daily grind and soothes my innermost self.


The ensuing creative flow is an intimate journey.


Should my output provoke an emotional input within an observer,
then I consider my process elevated to creating art.

about me

I'm an anolg artist by night and a digital product manager by day.
Born in 1983, half Dutch and half Swiss, I live in Zurich with my husband and dog.

I always used to play with colours and painted as a child, but the artistry got lost when growing up.
I rediscovered my passion for painting through a series of fortunate and unlucky coincidences and have developed my own style over the years.

I'm at the point in my life where I want to share my art with others.
Please get in contact with me, either for feedback, purchase offers, commissioning requests, or interest in showcasing my work publicly.