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My Art Process

Creating on canvas is my process of bringing an input to an output.


The input comes from multiple sources of inspiration which I convey, in acrylics on canvases, until I feel the inspiration has become an output that I’m willing to share with others.


This manner of interpreting my artistry and emotions sheds the weight of my daily grind and soothes my innermost self.


The ensuing creative flow is an intimate journey.


Should my output provoke an emotional input within an observer, then I consider my process elevated to creating art.

Medium & Technique

I create fine arts in mostly acrylics on canvas, which is my favourite medium, but never get tired of experimenting with other materials such as charcoal, structural pastes or metallics. To transfer colours, motives and textures onto the canvas, I use various tools, from paint brushes, spatulas, sponges to even my bare hands.

Abstract Elements

I have many hearts when persuing my artistry. I prefer the contemporary abstract elements to express myself. For my figurative influences I get inspiration from futurism, pop culture and modern technologies. My work is sometimes colourful, sometimes dark or monochrome. Some pieces are very structured and rough, some rather reduced. What I present, has been created within a snapshot of my life, holding a spark of all my different hearts. 

FLP - Art by Felix Leeser-Piccolo

Painting, exhibiting and selling unique artwork. Offers on demand for bespoke artwork commissions.

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